Hunting has been an essential part of our culture and way of life for millennia. Hunting, to us, is more than just killing an animal for sustenance or sport; it is a spiritual and cultural exercise that connects us to the land, our ancestors, and the animals who live on it.

To us- hunting is a demonstration of gratitude to the animals that provide us with food and a means to respect their sacrifice. Before each hunt, certain rituals are performed to ask the Spirit of the land for permission and to thank the animal for its life. This practice assists us in finding an equilibrium between our needs and those of the land.

Hunting, in addition to producing food, plays an important part in the social and economic aspects of our community. It unifies us as a community by promoting a feeling of togetherness.  It also enables us to obtain what we need for our people as the animals and their products can be bartered with other villages.

Ultimately, hunting is an essential element of our culture and reflects our strong connection to the land and its creatures. It is a tradition that we cherish and gets passed along from generation to generation.

We have strict codes of conduct around hunting as it’s been passed down from our ancestors allowing us to remain in peaceful balance with nature and ourselves as spiritual beings. There are certain animals that are sacred to us that we will not kill. There are also certain times when we will not kill an animal. All these and more wisdom teachings are necessary to be preserved and passed on to the next generation.

To have this experience is for sure an initiation and rite of passage in the soul’s journey. Piet is very passionate about sharing his skill, and knowledge and has guided people from all walks of life and corners of the earth through his beloved Kalahari and beyond in introducing to them this incredible skill.