About Bushman Song

!’aru lkhuisi Piet Berendse was born in the Kalahari desert in Gordonia area: Bushman Piet an active cultural medicine man, is also a founding member of Aboriginal Walkers. He was a former special forces soldier consulting the military with his honed tracking and nature survival skills, actor and writer, poet, and storyteller. Piet is also a respected and disciplined hunter and tracker and practices arts and crafts as guided by Spirit. He is known all over the world for telling the story of the Xam Bushman in Southern Africa. Working in different countries and communities, Bushman Piet also visits schools and Universities across the world teaching and sharing the wisdom of the Indigenous people and their ancient way of living. He comes from an ancient people and has dedicated his life to preserving its culture.

Piet knows every rock and plant, every water pool, and every stone in the Kalahari and is on a quest to preserve the iXam tribal heritage and culture. He has dedicated his life to the freedom and upliftment of his people and the animals and plants he loves dearly. By telling their unique stories, he hopes to bring awareness to people all over about this unique cultural treasure. With so many indigenous tribes dwindling down to smaller and smaller communities the risk of losing the orally passed-over wisdom is a very real factor that underlines the urgency of preserving and sharing this knowledge to ensure its survival for future generations.

His Support

Timo !Ngonnemoa

A professional child and youth care worker is a tribal leader of the #Oxo ||Aes Tribe in the Western Cape. He’s also an unpublished writer, poet and unrecorded artist.

Timo supports us in translation, is excellent in teaching you the pronunciations of the native language of the Khoi & has a deep passion and knowledge with Medicinal Plants all of which is apparent when you book an experience with Bushman Song.

Being phlegmatic in temperament, Timo was born with “no cents of humor”, but when you meet him on tour with us, he’s the jolly comedian “par excellence,” ’cause he forgot all his titles at home in Cape Town.