Story Telling

Most indigenous cultures of Africa & the world – although having a diverse language – have not had a written form of preserving their knowledge. And so most of this preservation & ways of passing down their lessons, stories & teaching were done through the method of story telling.

Storytelling makes language learning engaging and produces an immersive experience that enables Young Learners to take pleasure in speaking the language in a dynamic, occasionally stylistic, and enjoyable manner. By taking part, participants can develop an understanding of rhythm and structure.

The Bushman are known for the storytelling to involve insects, animals or plants telling stories of their characteristics – but also having a deeper meaning and resemblance to life and the natural ways of living it. It is a way of teaching how to live in harmony with the environment and to cultivate love for it. Each story always has a teaching that you can keep with you or as a remembrance to implement into your life.

Piet is a storyteller, actor, writer and artist dedicated to preserving a cultural heritage that is unique to the Kalahari and Namaqualand. He has visited schools and universities all over the World. Piet has experience doing storytelling to the incarcerated as a means of healing & rehabilitation as the bushman did. His talked to auditoriums of people as well as small groups that has asked for particular topic to be focus to be placed on daily issues like family, harmonious living, sharing, etc. There is also themed story telling under the stars or around the campfire.

Piet has a library of stories that he is able to tell and enact – with much personality & aliveness. Whether its meant for a group of younger children, troubled individuals or just for entertainment – there is a few eye opening stories in his library for you.

To experience and be left in awe by these stories make a booking with Piet.