Cultural Talks, Workshops & Plays

Arts and crafts have always been an important component of the Khoisan way of life. Doing art and crafts is a means for them to express themselves, communicate their experiences, and connect with their ancestry. Their arts and crafts reflect our rich cultural past and are an important part of who they are as a people, from beadwork to pottery, basket weaving to music. Our arts and crafts, in addition to their cultural significance, serve an important role in our community. They provide income and support for our families and are frequently traded or sold to collectors of unique, and culturally significant pieces. 

The Bushmen have used storytelling as a way to create a sense of connection and empathy among individuals and their communities. It can challenge dominant narratives, promote social change, and foster learning and development and as a way of passing on knowledge, lessons and the history, stories and moral values of their ancestors. As such, it is a valuable tool that can be embraced and utilized in a variety of settings.

We invite you to join us for our immersive storytelling events if you’re searching for a truly unique experience that will leave you feeling connected to yourself and the world around you.
Imagine sitting around a campfire sipping on warm cocoa or tea after a wholesome dinner, surrounded by like minded people, listening to stories and songs that speak to your heart and soul. It’s a wonderful experience to open up and connect with others that you will certainly remember for a long time.

Bushman Piet is comfortable on the stage

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