Nature Walks

A lot of the bushman’s time each day is spend walking in the ‘wild’ – this is quoted because it is not seeing as the ‘wild’ to the bushman – just home. When hunting, gathering medicinal plants, foraging for resources or water – this is all done on foot, with no shoes. Being able to navigate this natural terrain, identifying plants, animal tracks, changes in weather and a plethora of other elements are constantly being taking into account while walking in this ‘wild’ country. This is imperative to the Bushman to survive what we see has a harsh terrain.

Piet offers taking individuals or groups on these nature walks – educating you on all the various things that would be unbeknownst to the average person. There is more happening in 1 square metre of land in the dry kalahari than anyone (other than a bushman) can imagine without the trained eye or ear.

The Bushman is also known to use celestial navigation – using the sky, starts & sun to navigate the land. Amongst this there is also other elements that is used to guid the Bushman such as, wind, moon, trees & even animal movements. Piet will also apply his knowledge of wild animals to prevent the endangerment of the group.

The Nature Walk offering varies from just a few hours, to a few days. Some are more focused on hunting, medicinal plants, living skills – and this is very dependant on the time and place. Whilst there are walks that are more unstructured and more about the region the walk is occurring in.

Multi-day walks can be arranged where you stay in accommodation as comfortable as you choose or where you can have the full Bushman experienced by sleeping in Nature the way the bushman would. We have a list of translators that can help with communication as well. Each walk can be tailored to your needs.

One thing is for sure – you will be in awe by the beauty of nature & learn lifelong skills on one of the Nature Walks facilitated by Piet. Make a booking to get the full experience.

Below are the following packages available for Nature Walks:

  • Afternoon Walk
  • Full Day walk
  • Overnight Walk
  • 5 Day Walk