Ceremonies are very alive and part of the bushman’s daily life. When harvesting medicinal plants, tracking, foraging or hunting there is ceremony. There is also ceremonies held for a bigger purpose such as moving into a new season or welcoming a new child into the world.

All ceremonies has an intension. Be it a person, issue, place or movement time. There are also many different ways of doing ceremony and creating blessings. Many of the ceremonies involves traditional clothes, face-painting, fire, burning of herbs, song & sometimes dancing in trance.

Some examples of past Ceremonies:

  • Blessing for a newborn
  • Blessing for animals or persons that passed
  • For someones birthday
  • Equinox
  • Prevalent issues in the world

Piet can be booked to do ceremonies for something you have in mind. This can be done remotely or in-person. Book here to have a chat about what you might need a ceremony for.