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Experiences with Piet is unique to the person, occasion and goal in mind. People from all walks of life come to Piet for all sorts of different reasons. As a highly knowledgeable and respected medicine man in South Africa he has helped people to recover from physical diseases, mental disturbance, addictions aswell as those grievances connected to the heart and soul.

Universities all across the world invite Piet to come and speak and teach at their faculties, while high-pressured businessmen and women come and spend time with Piet in the field tracking lions and preparing themselves with resilience and mental agility for the next chapter in their careers. Maybe you want to regroup with yourself after a big chapter in your life so that you can rekindle a sense of stillness within yourself to remember that which sets your soul alight and receive inner guidance as to what to do next in your life. This can also be an amazing way for fathers to bond with their sons and to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will be remembered for many reminiscing conversations to come. In our modern-day world, a lot of traditional rites of passage have been lost to us and even though we certainly have gained new rites of passage there are certain benefits in the ways of the traditional Bushmen that prepare one for life in a very special way and now you are able to experience this for yourself first hand.

These experiences are not only for adults but children of all ages that could benefit. Piet has a very special connection to Children with the reason probably being that the innocence of the child in Piet is still so alive. He loves teaching children and the way that they raise their children as communities certainly hold a lot of wisdom. The women in their communities birth in nature the way they’ve done for millennia without medication or medical intervention.

It is simply impossible to tell you everything that you could learn or ways that you could benefit in having this experience but the of really embodying these teachings is to experience it for yourself.

These experiences are curated according to your needs wether you want Piet to contribute to your event or wether you want to attend one of ours or arrange a few days-long immersion for yourself or a group we can assist you in creating the perfect experience.

Attending and participating in these ceremonies can be a powerful and transformative experience for the ordinary person. On a personal level, it can offer a deep sense of connection and belonging and can provide an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth.

To Piet and his people- hunting is a demonstration of gratitude to the animals that provide them with food and a means to respect their sacrifice. Before each hunt, certain rituals are performed to ask the Spirit of the land for permission and to thank the animal for its life. This practice assists in finding an equilibrium between our needs and those of the land. This experience allows you to reconnect to where your sustenance comes from as well as learn innumerable skills that can impact your awareness, mindset, discipline, decision-making, resilience and much more

” The Bushman has many ways of making fire using wood, stone, grass and even sand”

For millennia, the Bushman has taught vital survival skills to the next generation through immersive experiences that are far more than a cultural encounter. Some characteristics would clearly define rites of passage for anybody who would go through them. You will leave these experiences with a far deeper connection to nature and yourself, but more significantly, trust in your ability to survive in the face of adversity.

Piet is an expert, proficient, experienced, and informed about edible and medicinal plants in Southern Africa. Growing up and living among these plants in their natural environment, identifying, using, and even talking with them is an everyday part of a bushman’s existence. Not only does Southern Africa include some of the most diverse fauna and flora ecosystems, but several of these plant species are extremely medicinal and unique to the region. Anyone interested in natural healing and botany, herbalism, or study in any of these subjects can benefit greatly from Piet and his people’s knowledge. The knowledge that, if not handed on, will most likely be lost to the world.

Piet offers to take individuals or groups on nature walks – educating you on all the various things that would be unbeknownst to the average person. There is more happening in 1 square meter of land in the dry Kalahari than anyone (other than a bushman) can imagine without a trained eye or ear.

The military recruited Piet as a special forces soldier due to his specialized skills, one of which is tracking. He studies the terrain like a book, using everything around him as a source of information. The capacity of the Bushman to track the age, size, health condition, and speed of the animal they are pursuing is the result of this very unusual expertise that is still important to their survival.

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